AmanHa App


Within the framework of its work on projects and initiatives in the field of strengthening the capabilities of civil society in the region in the areas of digital safety, digital rights, and digital privacy, the Innovation for Change MENA Hub and its partner SimSim-Participation Citoyenne, launched AmanHa application, which is an interactive educational mobile application developed specifically for women and girls in the region to develop their capacities and knowledge in Digital Security and Safety online. And equip this target group that is highly exposed to all forms of digital violence, including online bullying, online harassment, and other forms of digital threats, equip them with the needed skills and basics of Digital Security and online safety.

Innovation for Change MENA Hub, and SimSim-Participation Citoyenne, through this application, aim to enable users of the application to have an interactive way to learn the basics of digital security through a set of interactive quizzes that are updated periodically, and also to use the application to facilitate access to the digital security adn digital rights knowledge resources developed by the Hub and its partners and or other organizations in areas of digital safety, digital privacy, digital rights, etc.

Case Study

There is no case study for now.